Do I need rowing experience or a certain erg score to try out?
No. We only look for strong athletes who are interested in hard-work and high-level competition. Our ideal recruit is six feet or taller with experience in high school athletics, especially rowers, swimmers and runners. That being said, we try to keep as many athletes as are willing to commit.

I am an experienced rower, what can I expect?
Collegiate rowing is more rigorous than scholastic, but a high school program does provide a great foundation. All athletes in their first year of rowing at UB will compete on the Freshmen/Novice team.

What do I need to do to try out?
There will be an open house before the start of classes in the fall where you can learn more about the sport, tour the boathouse, meet the coaches and current athletes, and complete some paperwork. Please email drsaunde@buffalo.edu to receive updates.

How is the team funded?
We are a club athletic team organized under the UB Student Association. The team is directly managed by the student athletes themselves, not the athletics department.

How long is the season?
Practice is run throughout the academic year with the fall running from September-November, which includes head races. Winter training begins in November and concludes with the spring break trip. The spring season begins with spring break and concludes in May.

When and how often is practice?
Freshmen typically practice in the afternoon during the week if class schedules allow. Varsity practice in the morning. During the fall and spring seasons, we practice 5-6 days per week. During winter training; we practice between 3 and 6 days a week. Practices last an hour and a half to two hours and may entail rowing, erging, running and, weights. Practice is scheduled around classes to avoid conflicts.

Where do you practice?
On the water practices take place at the UB Boathouse, located on Tonawanda Creek in Veterans Canal Park in Amherst, NY, a short drive from campus. The creek is well sheltered and provides reliably flat water. Indoor and cross-training practices are conducted on-campus. We also have periodic access to the rowing tanks at the West Side Rowing Club in Buffalo.

Will we travel?
Yes. We will attend regattas throughout the north-east United States and take a one week spring training trip to Oak Ridge, Tennessee or Charleston South Carolina. Oak Ridge plays host to national championships including the club championships and youth nationals.